Introducing Jon Block

johnblockcircleThrough his company HERE & NOW, since 2011 Jon Block has personally mentored over 200 coaches to dramatically increase their sales.  He shows them how to go powerfully from speaking engagements to 1 on 1 enrollment conversations to selling high-end coaching packages. Even veterans of this model have major breakthroughs with raising their rates and providing much greater value to their clients

Jon has spoken on 100+ stages. He was named 1 of the Top 20 Conscious Entrepreneurs of 2013 in the annual Tera Awards. Max Simon of Big Vision Business said: “Jon is a totally unique business coach, rich with vision, creativity, and power.” And Jesse Koren of Thrive Academy said: “Jon cares so much about making a difference for people – he is willing to risk anything. An incredible man.”

Jon also believes in giving back – donating to charities including Make a Wish Foundation and Junior Entrepreneurship. His favorite activities are spending time with his new wife Roni (pronounced “Ronnie”) and helping his clients reach extraordinary new heights.