We want passionate love.

Everywhere. Including career. And it’s all a choice.

I’ve been thinking about passion the past couple months. Maybe because I wasn’t feeling a whole lot of it.

When I told a few friends that I wasn’t experiencing crazy over-the-moon passion with my role as business coach anymore, they said:

“QUIT NOW! Life’s too short!”

“Get out while you’re still relatively young!”

“You’re a smart guy with a huge heart, Jon. Don’t screw up your life.”


Now, I am grateful to be surrounded by people who regard passion so highly. Who don’t believe in settling ever.

Because I don’t either.

But like with everything, there’s a deeper truth. We have always been taught that passion is something external. For example, “My real passion is acting.” Or “my passion is singing”, or “my passion is dancing on a Broadway chorus line.”

Which means, then, that if we are doing anything OTHER than that in our careers — that our lives are inherently unfulfilled or tragically wasted.

That’s an extremely limiting view to have.

Personally, I want to be a passionate PERSON. A person who doesn’t just seek outward to find passion, but someone who can also bring passion into anything. From writing emails to washing windows. From launching a marketing campaign to shopping at Sprouts. From leading seminars to separating my whites and colors.

Bring passion into everything we do.

Which brings me back to the business coaching. Since this blog might have been better titled “How Jon Got His Groove Back.”

Context is everything.

I don’t see myself as a business coach anymore. Changing the world through business? Yes.

I don’t see myself anymore as here to help people grow their businesses. But do I help people master life, which includes mastering sales? Definitely.

It’s a bigger game. And it fires me up.

Love & Passion,



  1. Raymond says

    Hi Jon! =),

    I would love to say, Thank you for your post. Your post is very interesting and your statement of “bringing passion to anything” is very insightful and practical.

    I hope you bring passion into every aspect of your life, mate!


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